I find niche creators for brands with a hypertargeted audience

You invest $1,500/month. I make sure every creator in your niche knows your brand and that you're interested in sending them products to try and to potentially endorse. All replies are sent to you to begin the conversation.

What your brand gets

There is a lot of BS in the influencer space. Agencies will sell you the moon and you'll barely get off the ground.

Connect with
niche content creators monthly
Build a
that stays with your brand
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The difference

Hey, I’m Dan.

Working with content creators can be a huge pain in the ass.

Everyone calls themselves a creator, agents create a huge bottleneck in the negotiation process and nobody answers a DM anymore.

Still, content from a creator is an amazing asset for your brand.

You can reshare content on your channels, run it as an ROI-focused ad, build on trends, include it in your emails, etc.

Many brands and agencies would love to get into creator outreach, but don’t know where to start..

DMing random accounts and sending out email blasts to uninterested partners just won't cut it.

Through my experience, I’ve learned that building real, intentional relationships with creators is the truest recipe for success..

That’s why I focus on:
- Identifying creators who want your product
- Developing campaigns with high email open and reply rates
- Providing transparent advice on how to develop creator partnerships

We do those three things together and you’ll have a killer creator marketing program.

If you're not happy with how things are going, I offer a 15 day cancellation policy no questions asked. Like a free trial.

At the end of the day, my goal is simple: grow your brand and improve your ROI.

Does this resonate with you? Let’s talk.

Dan Staub

“Dan quickly built an end-to-end creator process in Q4 leading to 30+ micro influencers who scaled up top of funnel during the busiest time of year.”

Griffin H

Growth / PupSocks

“We sent 25 products out to legit creators that we can actually build a relationship with”

James Carr

CEO / Farmers Jam

"We already had folks love Shirttail, we just needed to figure out how to formalize the relationship"


CEO / Shirttail Creek Farm

“Every creator is different and Dan helped guide me to provide fair offers answering questions when I had them"

Darryl Lim

Founder / Boba Nutrition

Is your brand a good fit?

This program is not for every brand. It's designed for brands who are looking to accelerate sales on top of an already growing list of customers

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Not for you

For you

$0 in sales
Established consistent revenue sources
Expect Dan to do all creator communications
Ready to respond and build relationship with creators
Running low on product
Have product set aside to do seeding
Insanely hyper niche
Niche with several content creators
Don't like laughing on kickoff calls
Likes laughing on kickoff calls

Pay now, have a system forever

Ready to go?

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  • 150 niche creators connected monthly
  • 1:1 Access to Dan during working hours
  • Outbound system that stays with your business
  • 15 Day Money Back Gaurantee

Common questions

Do you accept agenices as clients?

Yes I work with both brands and agencies directly.

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What platform do you use track creator posts?

This depends on your budget and long term plans for creators. We have a free template included for you to track all posts or we recommend brands use SARAL

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How does the money back guarantee work?

After 15 days if you don't feel like I met your expectations, your entire initial payment will be refunded

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Do you have a contract we can use when creators require?

Yes. I will share a template and other documentation that can be used by your brand

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How do you measure success?

The key metrics we focus on are brand awareness generated by content, high quality partnerships formed beyond content and improvements to paid media performance from creator videos and photos

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What should my budget be beyond just seeding product?

I typically suggest brands have $2,500 - $25,000 set aside to invest in longer term content relationships. Platforms will be a large factor for instance long form YouTubers will charge more than Instagram stories.

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