Boba Protein

Darryl is a successful entrepreneur who has launched businesses across verticals and industries over the course of his career. After seeing the growing e-commerce trend alongside a new interest in boba tea, he launched Boba Protein.

After successfully launching multiple products, building a community and getting consistent ROI from paid media, he wanted to explore content creators as a way to generate new customer interest. 

To expand his program we came up with solid goals 

  • Educate Darryl on how to run creator outbound himself
  • Become an advisor on how to build creator relationships
  • Reach out to hundreds of accounts on YouTube and Instagram in his niche

Done for you and with you 

It was crucial to build a sustainable influencer outbound program that could be used moving forward by the Boba Protein team. So we crafted effective copy tied with an outbound engine where I was able to add hundreds of potential content creators. Now the team can identify accounts on their own and add to the flow.

“How much should I pay a YouTuber with 2,161,995 subscribers?”

After getting in contact with several high quality influencers, I supported all questions related to creator terms. Rate, timing, exclusivity and contracts as needed.

Check out one of the videos from the campaign by Chef Brain Tsao

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