CurrentClient is a communication tool designed to help advisors stay consistently in front of their customers while also remaining compliant. I met Dustin through the Y Combinator cofounder program and have been working him ever since as we continues to engineer an industry leading software tool.

After a few months of learning his systems, I was brought on to help bring in new leads and customers onto the platform. Together we’ve talked to new customers, one by one, with the goal of building long term and happy users.

To speed up and increase leads I focused on a few things

  • Writing a bi-weekly newsletter highlighting new features, industry highlights with a founder’s note
  • Connecting directly with industry specific professional partners
  • Posting consistently on LinkedIn company and CEO page 

Using email as marketing campaign building blocks

One of the strategies I pulled from the consumer world is writing emails on a consistent basis and using them as inspiration for content across the brand for the days before and after the email is sent.

It keeps a cohesive message and forces you write a good email in the first place!

Learn from (and sell to) the wise

As a new entrant into the advising world, I was curious about many parts of the industry. So similar to connecting with super niche influencers, I reached out to knowledge leaders in the space.

Partner networks and online communities quickly became the fastest way to learn more about the financial planning world. It was important along the way to share the benefits of the platform so they too could introduce us to advisors down the road.

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